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  AMANAH CAPITAL LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP – (a Bin Zayed Group enterprise), has been licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and DIFC since 2006 to function as Shari’a Compliant
Asset Management Company, catering to the Islamic finance niche market comprising high net worth individuals, family offices and financial institutions focused on Islamically-structured fund management, private equity, alternate asset investments programmes and real estate, in addition to financial advisory and underwriting activities. The company is located within the precincts of DIFC, Dubai.

Senior Executives with track record and core competencies supported by teams of marketing, structuring specialists, corporate finance experts on the Islamic turf shall service the customer base through product development with value-added themes, providing wealth accretion to the customers, and state-of-the-art efficient services and deliverables to the Islamic markets with optimal returns to all stakeholders by balancing risks commensurate with reward. The operations will be supported through a dedicated team of compliance, risk management, the finance and operational staff well-versed in back-office-activities, controlled and monitored through an accounting, risk management computerized system.

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